Larry Foiler - "Someone who possesses an unnatural urge to hydrofoil at any given moment. Someone who prioritises foiling above all else. A foil freak. If you're loyal to the foil, chances are you're also a Larry Foiler"

Who is Larry Foiler?

It's more a lifestyle than any one person. A nickname that stuck. In the early days we were all Larry Foilers. We still are. It's a name that came about to describe anyone that had become addicted to the glide. We'd foil at any opportunity. Anywhere. A person who prioritises foiling above all else. Somebody who possesses an unnatural urge to hydrofoil at any given moment. If you are loyal to the foil, chances are you are also a Larry Foiler.

I'm Shannon. aka Larry aka Laz aka Lazza. A foil frothing freak who lives in Australia's South West. A surf rich region with hundreds of A grade surf breaks within an hours drive. But more importantly, there's an abundance of B and C grade waves which go unridden and are just perfect for getting my glide on.
I've been loyal to the foil since 2018 and I can't see myself stopping anytime soon. I love the good vibes and brotherhood that foiling brings and have made some lifelong foil friends from all corners of the globe.

Being a professional photographer in my normal life, I have always been addicted to bags and luggage. My collection of camera bags and cases is still growing and never ending. When I bought my first custom foilboard, I wanted to protect it with a simple board cover, but nothing was available. I had to commission my lovely wife with the task of custom making some board covers. It was a great interim solution. It wasn’t until our family had a big trip planned, that I started searching for something more suitable to safely protect ALL of my foil gear for international adventure. Since that moment I have been dreaming up all kinds of foil adventure solutions, and more recently I have been able to turn this into a reality. I’m so happy to introduce you to LfSupply.


We aim to minimise our environmental impact wherever possible.
Our foilboard bags are manufactured using recycled materials. When you purchase one of our bags, you're also saving over 80 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill or the ocean. We are still very new at this, and are continually looking for ways to improve. Every little bit counts.